cyber goth dancer ꓐ 🥁 🧘 position

Cyber Goth is a startling off shoot of of
post punk concepts (of England , France , South America , and the U.S )
and Industrial Dance/ Fashion ( of Germany , South America )
combining the Anyone can do it , anywhere , anytime , do-it yourself that was “punk” and post-punk
with the industrial an goth music/dance attitudes.
it generally differs from Goth and industrial with Enthusiastic Dance , meant for Irony.
Cyber Goth Dancers make there own clothing , videos and scenes.
there is still some secrecy with outsiders , as few know the relationship between industrial bands and published videos on such social media outlets as Youtube.
Cyber goth is enthusiastic but dystopian and rebellious , yet embrasses Unisex, multicultural in attire and attitude ,
Cyber goth , like “cosplay ” often includes comic books and video games for influences in video and costume.
there are specific dance moves in “cyber goth dance” meant to be simple and easy to learn.

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