Jazz up your week with Jasmine

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sevatiblog – Jasmine.


 I have few jasmine plants in my garden and in the summer they bloom with beautiful flowers that grow straight over to my neighbour’s side of the fence. They seem to draw attention of bees with wonderful smell and the nectar they provide but this year they also drew my attention. Every year I equip myself with all sorts of yogic teas available on the market and jasmine is one of the main ones. I therefore realised it is time to start using up my own supply that is freely growing every year in my garden.

Little did I know that there is over 200 types of jasmine in the world and all of them have these magnificent five petal star-like flowers. Jasmine flowers are often used as accessory for hair (what woman does not look beautiful with a flower in her hair….and jasmine flower …well that will leave you…

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