G.I. Joe grunt.


G.I Joe Grunt

source of image: http://www.gijoeclub.com/forums/
One the first things I collected as a child was G.I Joe Action figures… Dolls for boys.
A lot of the kids in the neighbourhood also collected them, we played war together on the porches

They took a lot of wear and tear… and when they fell apart we simply glued them back together.
Back then, the most exiting thing is when G.I Joe action figures came out with “Swivel Arms”. collectors know the difference : “straight arm” Gi Joe and Swivel arm G.I Joe Action Figures…

and now for something completely different.

The term “grunt” is used in the military as a general term for someone who’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is “Infantry”. In the Marine Corps all MOS’ preceeded by the number “03” are Infantry. About as “grunt” as you can get in the Corps is “0311 – Basic Rifleman”.
As I was told, the term is a slang that comes from when a infantry soldier takes his pack off and takes a break for marching. WWII